Lawn Care in Concord, NH


Rockingham Turf Care delivers distinctive and customized lawn care services to Concord’s residential and commercial properties. That means we take time to treat you like a partner and learn everything we can about your outdoor space so we can develop an individualized lawn care solution that exceeds your expectations.

Rockingham Turf is locally owned and has served the Concord area since 2001. Our one-on-one approach to your lawn care needs separates our services from other companies that confuse “efficiency” with one-size-fits-all solutions. We begin every treatment with an in-depth property evaluation and offer organic options when suitable. 

Call us for stress-free personalized lawn care that will make your property greener, stronger, and healthier than it has ever been.

Lawn Fertilization in Concord

Lawn fertilization is the core of vibrant, healthy, head-turning lawns. Fertilizing your lawn correctly, however, isn’t as simple as sprinkling extra nutrients on your grass every now and then. It requires feeding it the correct blend and amount of fertilizer at the right times during the growing season.

 Rockingham Turf offers a 5-step Lawn Fertilization Program that includes everything your yard needs to look stunning all year, including weed control and lawn pest control. We take time to evaluate your lawn and mix the optimal ratio of nutrients to use in your customized lawn fertilization program. We also have the option to use organic fertilizer for a more natural approach to nourishing your grass and lawn ornamentals.

Weed Control in Concord

Weeds are disruptive to your lawn care, tree and shrub care, and ornamental care routines because they rob other plants of vital nutrients. Plus, they are horrendous to look at and manage to persistently sprout between you and golf course quality turf. Rockingham Turf approaches weed control by systematically assessing your property to pinpoint weeds and causes. From there, we create an effective weed control program that eliminates weeds right down to the root to ensure they don’t disrupt your outdoor space with regrowth.

Grub and Pest Control in Concord

Grubs and lawn pests are just as threatening to your beautiful residential or commercial property as invasive weeds. Their presence can result in:

  • Dying grass.
  • Dead patches.
  • Grub-eating rodents digging up your lawn.

 Our grub control and lawn pest control solutions restore the damage caused by these destructive creepy crawlers by using a pyrethroid-based insecticide to eliminate them from your soil. While our product delivers successful grub control results, your yard will remain a safe space for your family and pets.

Tree and Shrub Care in Concord

Rockingham Turf’s tree and shrub care experts enable us to provide services for your entire property, including ornamental care. Your large plantings do a lot for your environment and deserve personalized care to keep them strong, healthy, and thriving, leading to:

  • Strong stems and branches.
  • Increased property value.
  • Enhanced property appearance.

Our Tree and Shrub Care programs are developed to protect and preserve your landscape’s main attractions by treating current concerns and preventing future ailments. We use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to reduce the environmental impact of our in our tree, shrub, and ornamental care treatments.

Tick Control in Concord

Having a top-quality lawn is more than having it look nice; it also needs to be a safe space for your family, friends, and pets to enjoy. Ticks and other disease-spreading insects can get in the way of that, but not on our watch.

As a locally owned and operated business whose technicians live in the same area you do, Rockingham Turf is familiar with Concord’s tick problem and has built our Tick Control Program around decades of knowledge and innovative equipment. Our tick control team has a fleet of 3 dedicated tick-spraying trucks that deliver unmistakable results. In line with prioritizing your preferences, we also have the option to use an organic insecticide in your customized tick control program.

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