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Customized Lawn Care Solutions

Rockingham Turf Care specializes in premium quality lawn and turf services throughout the southern part of New Hampshire. At Rockingham Turf, we believe your residential or commercial property is an investment worth protecting. It’s not enough to have the greenest grass in the neighborhood; our customized fertilization and weed control solutions are designed to make your yard healthier, stronger, and ready to face anything the New Hampshire weather has in store for us.

Customized Lawn Care Services

Since 2001, our experienced team has delivered customized lawn care solutions to ensure our clients enjoy golf course quality turf, right in their own backyards. When it comes to treating New Hampshire properties, we know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all treatment approach. Every yard has a unique soil and turf composition. Some properties have high-quantities of sand to consider; while others are full of the granite our state is known for just below the surface.

Rockingham Turf carefully evaluates your residential or commercial property and creates the right approach for your yard including:

Lawn Fertilization

Let’s face it – besides the sun and rain, fertilization has the single most significant impact on the health, strength, and appearance of any property. It’s critical to get the timing, balance, and blend just right to ensure your lawn thrives. Rockingham Turf can help. Our team of professionals can determine the right fertilization mix for your lawn and ornamentals to optimize results and ensure your grass quickly becomes the talk of your neighborhood.

Weed Control

Weeds can quickly undermine even the best fertilization efforts. Not on our watch. Our team will systematically assess your property, including current soil nourishment, grass health, and relevant local growing conditions to pinpoint unwanted vegetation growth and threats. Once we get an understanding on what’s hindering your lawn’s health, Rockingham Turf will develop a customized treatment plan that kills weeds right to their roots to eliminate regrowth.

Grub And Pest Control

Grubs and other destructive insects can wreak havoc on both commercial and residential properties, especially during the hot summer weather. Rockingham Turf is ready to rid your yard of these annoying creepy-crawlers to protect your thick, lush, green grass. We use pyrethroid-based insecticides in our lawn, tree and tick services and also have organic versions for tick control which sue cedar oil as a repellent. Our specialists will partner with you to decide which option makes the most sense for your property.

You'll Love Our 5-Step Lawn Care Process

In addition to individual services and applications, Rockingham Turf Care also offers a 5-step care process throughout the year to get the very best results from your commercial or residential property. This highly effective program incorporates fertilization, weed control, and pest elimination treatments based on when your soil, grass, and roots need it most. We start with the first thaw to wake up your yard and finish with a late fall application that gets your property ready for another cold New Hampshire winter.

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