Locally Owned and Operated Turf Services in New Hampshire

Lawn Care

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We believe your residential or commercial property is an investment worth protecting.

Tree & Shrub Care

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We offer extensive, effective tree and shrub care services to keep the large plantings throughout your residential and commercial yards healthy, strong, and thriving.

Tick Control

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We know firsthand that dreaded ticks are more than just an inconvenience to our customers.

How it all began…

Rockingham Turf started with one person, one truck, and one simple goal: to deliver distinctive and customized professional lawn care services that give our clients the top quality results they deserve. Over 19 years later, we’re a lot bigger, with an entire team of experienced lawn care professionals and a full fleet of commercial vehicles – but our goal remains the same. We still make it our top priority to partner with our customers to design and implement personalized strategies and solutions that optimize the look and health of their entire property.

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About Us

Rockingham Turf Care is a full-service, locally owned and operated New Hampshire business. Since 2001, we have proudly delivered customized lawn and turf solutions to residential and commercial clients throughout the Granite State. Headquartered in Hooksett, Rockingham Turf Care services several other New Hampshire areas, including:

We Offer An Extensive Range Of Services Throughout New Hampshire

Rockingham Turf Care offers clients access to a comprehensive portfolio of service capabilities including:

We begin in April with the first thaw to awakened your lawn, nourish the soil, and stimulate healthy growth. Rockingham Turf will continue fertilization, weed control, and insect repellent throughout the next several months to give you golf-course quality grass in your own backyard.

Do you prefer a more natural approach to fertilizing your lawn and gardens? No problem; Rockingham Turf offers also offers organic fertilization products that yield impressive results.

Healthy, nourished soil plays a vital role in sustaining the strength of your property. Our deep root feeding treatment goes beyond basic fertilization to optimize the health of your yard.

Rockingham Turf specializes in caring for the specific needs of trees and shrubs. Our effective treatment applications can boost immunity and restore the health of these larger plantings.

It’s not enough to care for your trees during the warmer months; Rockingham Turf also offers dormant oil treatment to protect your trees throughout the long New Hampshire winter.

Our experienced lawn care specialists kill weeds at their root to eliminate their attack on your lawn, trees, shrubs, gardens, and beds.

Our grub and insect control treatments target and terminate pests like grubs, weevils, and beetles that threaten your property’s health.

Tick-borne diseases and illness can prevent us from enjoying our yards. Our effective and innovative tick control treatments can help you love spending time in your outdoor living spaces again.

Poison ivy can be a dangerous nuisance in your yard. Our effective poison ivy spray eliminates both the growth and root of this unwanted vegetation to keep it out of your property.

Just like humans, your property is vulnerable to a host of disease and sicknesses. We safeguard your lawn and plantings to optimize the overall health of your yard.

We test your soil and apply lime treatments as needed to strike the right pH balance for growth and health.

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