Lawn Care in Bedford, NH

Rockingham Turf Care specializes in premium quality lawn and turf services throughout Bedford, New Hampshire. We believe your residential or commercial property is an investment worth protecting. It’s not enough to have the greenest grass in the neighborhood; our customized fertilization and weed control solutions are designed to make your yard healthier, stronger, and ready to face anything. We know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all treatment approach.

We offer a comprehensive list of lawn care services such as: lawn fertilization, weed control, tree & shrub care, and pest control.

Lawn Fertilization in BedfordA boy in overalls and a hat walking across a lawn

Struggling with patchy brown grass? Sad-looking shrubbery or a resurgence in weeds? A lack of proper fertilization could be the cause of these frustrating and time-consuming issues. Let us take the guesswork out of it by providing you with our lawn fertilization services that are guaranteed to leave you with the lush, green lawn that you deserve.

We know exactly what it takes to get the right balance and blend of nutrients to create the lawn of your dreams. As a locally-owned-and-operated business, Rockingham Turf is no stranger to these common issues that plague North Hampshire lawns, which is why we can provide you with quick and effective results that are guaranteed to satisfy your every lawn care need.

Tree & Shrub Care in Bedford

We aim to not only provide you with a beautiful lawn, but a beautiful property full of trees, shrubs, and ornamentals guaranteed to make your neighbors jealous. Much like our lawn care services, customization plays a vital role in the success of our tree and shrub maintenance strategies. A view from the street of a large brick home with beautiful landscaping

Much like our other lawn care services, we don’t use a standardized formula with our customers. Instead, the Rockingham Turf team will carefully evaluate each individual tree or shrub throughout the yard to gauge the surrounding landscape, local growing conditions, and current stability. These three factors help us pinpoint issues that may hinder health and growth. This knowledge will allow us to develop a personalized solution based on your property’s specific needs. Don’t wait and take a reactive approach to tree and shrub care, such as a broken limb or shriveling bush; nip the issue in the bud and let our experts help you create the thriving landscape you deserve.

Weed Control in Bedford

Weeds are a pesky and unsightly invader of lawns and they steal the vital nutrients your lawn needs to thrive. This can leave your lawn looking brown and unkempt; definitely not what you want to see when you come home from a long day of work. Let our experienced team help you by systematically assessing your property, including current soil nourishment, grass health, and relevant local growing conditions to pinpoint unwanted vegetation growth and threats. After this assessment, we will deploy a series of treatments down to the root to eliminate any possibility of regrowth.

Grub Control in Bedford

Grub–and not the food kind. Lawn Grubs are an immature form of Scarab Beetles that feed on grass roots and organic matter. This causes brown patches to show up in your yard that refuses to turn green, even with watering and fertilization. 

Timing is key when treating a Grub infestation, which is why you should contact Rockingham Turf at the first sign of irregular brown grass. Immature Grubs are most susceptible to pesticide treatment when they’re very young, so the quicker the treatment is applied the better. To eliminate these pests, we use insecticides that are safe for humans.

Tick Control in Bedford

A tick found on the skin of a dog

Ticks are another common pest to invade Bedford lawns. Ticks can carry dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and more. When an infected tick bites and latches onto you or your pet, it can transmit disease-causing fever, rash, and in extreme cases, cause death. Professional intervention is key when dealing with tick control, which is why Rockingham Turf knows ticks inside and out.

Our skilled and licensed technicians carefully evaluate your property to create a customized plan of action. We also have three dedicated tick spraying trucks in our arsenal armed with the latest tick-spraying innovations. Our extensive insight, coupled with our state-of-the-art equipment, reduces tick infestations and optimizes overall results. Rockingham Turf completely treats all suspect regions to help reduce tick infestations and repel them from coming back.